Having developed a passion for the Property Industry over the years by being both a Property Manager and a Landlord, Verity has something that other Clerks and Inventory businesses may not have; A thorough understanding and in depth knowledge of the Lettings Sector.

Helped by experience logging deposit disputes and winning some, if not all of the disputed amount, this allows her produce the best quality reports possible. It also ensures that she has a good understanding of what Landlords/Agents and Tenants requirements and expectations are.

She has also gone on to win the AIIC 'Best New comer of the Year 2017' on behalf of herself and North London Inventories.

Her ethos is always to be friendly and approachable as well as communicative and these are the key elements that she brings to North London Inventories in order to make all of our clients satisfied and happy with the reports that we provide.


Office Dog

Russ doesn't have much input during the day to day dealings of the office and the carrying out of the inventories however he barks if the phone rings and we haven't heard it or when someone knocks on our office door. 
He tends to spend most of his time asleep in his bed, clearly dreaming about doing inventories and typing up reports. 
Although he doesn't say much, we know that he plays a huge part in the day to day running of the business as the role of the 'Office Dog' is most probably more important than 'Director'!


29 The Green, N21 1HS